Mizpah Christian Retreat Partners

What is a Mizpah Partner?

A Mizpah Partner is an individual or a group who commits their resources to Mizpah Christian Retreat.

Inner Circle – $5,000 one-time gift
Champions $100/month for 36 months
Friends $ 25/month for 36 months

Basic Principles

  • Donors, our Partners, are crucial to the development, growth, and operational success of Mizpah.
  • A base of donors, Partners, is essential to the acquisition of Foundation Grants.
  • Partners share in the promotion and vision of Mizpah.
  • Contributions from Partners should be beyond the support given to their local church.


  • Spiritual growth through giving
  • Sense of partnership in the vision of Mizpah Christian Retreat
  • Special rates and scheduling priority to churches or groups whom become PartnersFull tax deduction, or
  • Time-share OptionAn Inner Circle or Champion Partner may choose a Time-share Option.  (“quid pro quo contribution” according to IRS statute).Inner Circle Partner
    Five days/year for three years
    Tax deduction on approximately $3,950

    Champion Partner
    Three days/year for three years
    Tax deduction on approximately $3,075
    Inner Circle and Champion Partners do not pay the daily rate, other than a nominal registration fee. They may purchase a meal plan for their stay.

For more information contact:

John Fenlason, Director 

Gary Findley, Director of Development

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