God’s Outdoor Meeting Place

A Christian retreat and camp facility in the mountains of central Montana


Mizpah can accommodate about 50 people in Mountain Village, a cabin complex of seven winterized cabins.  There are four bunk cabins with 10 bunks each, a guest cabin with double bed and 2 bunks and an all-purpose cabin with kitchen and combination meeting/dining room. 

One cabin houses our restrooms with two showers each for men and women

An amphitheater with fire ring is available along with a volleyball court, ball field, horseshoe pits, and a basketball goal

RV Hookups can be utilized

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Mizpah is located on U.S. Highway 89 at mile marker 21 between White Sulphur Springs and Great Falls, in the Little Belt Mountains.

The highway has been designated by the State of Montana as the Kings Hill Scenic Byway, one of three most beautiful byways in the state.


Mizpah Christian Retreat
2121 U.S. Highway 89 North
White Sulphur Springs, MT  59645

Mizpah History


Mizpah began in 1982 by Dub and Betty Findley in response to a call from God to begin a camp and retreat ministry. In 2008 God brought Mizpah and Hannaford Street Bible Church together and a partnership began to continue the vision.


Mizpah Christian Retreat and Conference Center was developed, exists, and will continue to exist for years to come as a facility where God’s people, not only in Montana but beyond our borders, can come away from the “busyness” of life and have an encounter with God and fellowship with Jesus Christ our Lord.


It will be a place where the Lord’s people and the churches of whom He is head can come apart for spiritual renewal and a time of reflection and enjoyment of God’s great outdoors.


We continue to be a tax-exempt organization and as such our only income is through generous contributions of God’s people and the fees generated by those who use the facilities.


Mizpah is in a continuing state of development.  Currently, we are in the process of constructing a 5000 sq. ft. lodge and a septic system that will be able to hand current and future use.